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 FAQ's. In the "Fabric Shop" what size dolls do the clothes fit?  Answer: Right now 11 1/2" dolls like Barbie and Ken and also 18" dolls like American Girl and 15" dolls like Bitty Baby.

Where do you get the materials you use? Answer. Most are from remnants that I find everywhere! Some are from yard sales, discount bins in fabric shops, new material that has been donated to second hand stores like Goodwill and Reuzit Shops and from remnants of my own sewing projects.

What kinds of materials do you use? Answer. I use a tremendous variety, depending on the outfit I am creating. Most are of polyester cotton blends, single knits, faux fur, stretchy material for bathing suits, terry for towels, faux leather for vests, etc. I have never used materials that are usually seen in mass production doll clothes.

How do I care for the outfits? Answer. All my materials are machine washable, unless I state otherwise. Teaching children to care for their doll clothes just like their own clothes is always a good thing!

Are your outfits designed for all age users? Answer: I  use Velcro for most closures, elastic for waists and wrists. Please chose your outfits carefully for some outfits, especially those with long pants are challenging to the younger children.

If I like a design, but would have a different material, etc. may I contact you and can you make a custom design for me?  Answer: Of course I will try. I may be able to change the material used, the lace and/or ribbon, perhaps the color,  the length of the skirt and sleeves, etc.. Please contact me at and tell me what you desire!

Is there a guarantee with your products? Answer: Not as such. However I have never had a problem with them of which I have been told. Most customers are delighted with the outfits, and if there is a problem, please contact me at and I will try to satisfy your situation.

Do you make doll furniture? Answer: Not yet, but I am planning on it. You will find them in the "Wood Shop"!