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About My Clothes

Little girls (and boys) have little hands and aren't as dexterous as us big people.

I try to keep this in mind when I design my outfits. I use Velcro instead of buttons, snaps, and hooks to close the outfits. I try to make the elastic waists a little larger than normal, making it easier for them to be put on the doll. Remember the hips are larger than the waist.

I discourage the youngest children from picking outfits with long pant legs, but I do make the pant legs looser than normal. All of the buttons are just decorative, and sashes, belts, and bows are sewn directly to the outfit, so they should stay attached to the outfit.

I try to make most outfits from "everyday materials", making them machine washable. Each outfit description states "hand wash," where applicable. Most of my new fabric remnants are left over from clothing I have made for myself and my family or from yard sales, and discount stores.

A young customer said, "that the outfits look like real clothes only small."

If you have a special request, please CONTACT ME to discuss it, and I  we can make special plans to fit your needs.